Originally bred in Northern France the Beauceron is also known as Berger de Beauce which translated means “sheepdog from Beauce”. The main activity of this dog breed was herding but nowadays he makes a great family pet that is very loyal and protective. The average height of a Beauceron is 2 feet 1 inch to 2 feet 4 inches weighing about 70 to 100 pounds. They have a lifespan of 10 to 13 years.


 The Beauceron is a very smart dog, faithful and fearless. He is very loyal to his owner and his family and will always do all his best to protect them. The activity is very important in the life of a Beauceron and he will enjoy a lot all the long walks and Frisbee games. He can be a great jogging or biking companion. This dog is great watchdog and will always let you know when a stranger is approaching your property. Because of his look and size he also makes a good guard dog. He can easily intimidate anyone and he will always be aware when strangers are around. The Beauceron gets along well with children but considering his size small children should always be well supervised when they are around. Obedience training is required as well as early socialization if you wouldn’t like your dog trying to herd you, your family and your friends. Overall, being so loyal and loving the Beaucerons are great family dogs.

Beauceron Training:

Beauceron is a very intelligent dog breed. They can learn new commands very quickly which makes them quite easy to train. Usually they enjoy any type of activity so training will not be a problem for them. In fact it can be something that they will really enjoy.

Beauceron Shedding:

To be honest, the Beauceron is shedding a lot of hair. You cannot do anything to stop this but if you want to prevent having hair all over your home you should do proper brushing every day. Keep in mind that with a proper brushing you will rarely find hair on your couch, carpets and other places in your home.

Beauceron Grooming:

The Beauceron, like many other dog breeds, need daily exercise. Don’t worry, those needs can be met quite easy with simple walks or playing some fun games. His coat needs to be shaped two or three months and proper brushing should be done every now and then.

Beauceron History:

The Beauceron is one of the oldest French herding breed that is known in Western Europe for centuries. The exact year when they were bred is unknown but they were first mentioned in an article in the year 1809 by Abbe Rozier. The main activity of the Beaucerons was hearding and nowadays some of them are still doing this activity.

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