What Is a Dog Belly Band And How Does It Help?

Ever heard about dog diapers? What is the fuss about dog belly bands? Well, it is not something that will prevent your pooch from marking his territory for inside the premises. However, it still is a handy product during your dog’s house training. You may be surprised to find how a dog belly band can help save your expensive furniture, floors, and carpets from the damage of dog pee.

These are particularly essential if you have an incontinent dog, a dog that is very concentrated when he is involved in a certain activity or a dog that urinates when he is excited or scared. There are many other situations wherein you can use the belly band.

Uses of Dog Belly Band

Can you imagine how helpful this dog belly band can be when you are beginning your dog potty training?

Your dog doesn’t know your rules at the beginning, so he might urinate on your carpet, sofa, furniture, and anywhere he feels like!

Think about the long and hard work you need to do to get rid of the stains and the bad odor. Sometimes you can feel the smell, but cannot find the spot of your dog’s urine. In this situation, your house may continue to smell of dog’s pee for days.

Dogs have a special instinct to mark their territory with pee. But if you have dog belly bands handy, you will never have to deal with this problem. How?

Well, it’s quite simple.

When your dog understands that he pees on his belly band and not on his targets, he will give up after a while.

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A dog belly band can even come in handy while traveling. This will ensure that your pooch doesn’t choose just any place for his markings to your embarrassment.

In a male dog’s case, a belly band is designed to wrap around his body and cover his penis.  The band acts as a physical barrier and prevents a dog’s urine dribbles to spoil your furniture, carpet, and other valuables.

No, belly bands should not be worn constantly. However, this product works best when you are willing to allow your pooch inside the house, without having to worry about keeping a constant eye on him. Perhaps, you need not worry about him peeing on your furniture when he is wearing a dog belly band.

Always remove the belly band when your canine goes out to relieve himself.

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