Does Your Dog Love The Park? Learn About Dog Park Etiquette!

Planning to take your dog to dog parks? You should keep in mind dog park etiquette.

Summer is here! With the beautiful weather, you might fancy the idea of taking your fur baby to a dog park.

Dog Park Etiquette

A dog park is a great place to socialize dogs. It may be free for all dogs and their human parents to enjoy, but there are a few things to be taken into consideration to keep your dog and other animals safe.

Together with his dog Max, canine expert Hardie Duhaney discusses dog park etiquette:

  • Make sure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date. It is important that they have right vaccinations to protect them from diseases they may acquire from anywhere.
  • You should also make sure that you, as an owner, have the right kind of energy. You shouldn’t be too excited. Your dog feels how you feel. That means if you’re too excited, your dog might get too excited as well.
  • Look for the signs that tell you how your dog is feeling – is your dog on guard or is he scared? For example, if your dog is panting a lot when it isn’t really hot, it means he is not comfortable with the situation.
  • Avoid parking right next to the gate or fence. Give yourself some space to walk your dog to the gate. This will give your dog time to calm down.
  • When you get to the gate, make sure that you enter first. This shows your dog that you’re the one running the show.
  • Do not take toys, treats or food to the park. Not all dogs like to share, and this can lead to fights.

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