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Dog Born Without Front Legs Gains Celebrity Status In Peru

A dog born without front legs has achieved celebrity status in a small town in Peru. Estrella, a one-and-a-half-year-old dog, was adopted by the owners of an animal shelter after she was found abandoned in the street at 6 months-old. The shelter is located in Tinga Maria run …

Adorable Puppy With No Paws Learns To Run!

This is Nimble. This adorable Chihuahua puppy with no paws has learned to run! Nimble lost all her paws when she was only 10 days-old. Christine Broyles, the pup’s owner, said the veterinarians are unsure of the what caused her medical condition. But there is hope for this fun-loving and resilient …

Dog Whose Back Legs Don’t Work Won’t Let Her Disability Slow Her Down

This is Bleu! This dog, whose back legs don’t work, cannot be stopped from having fun and living life to the fullest! This adorable French Bulldog was diagnosed with a neurological condition three years ago. Her owner Katie Bower opted for a lifesaving surgery. Unfortunately, the damage to …


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