Digging Boxer Dog Covers Little Girl With Beach Sand!


When a dog’s gotta dig, a dog’s gotta dig!

Watch as this digging Boxer dog covers a little girl in beach sand!

The little girl is hanging out with her two Boxers on the beach, when one of the dog’s gets the urge to dig a hole.

Digging Boxer Dog Covers Little Girl With Beach Sand

Dig, dig, dig! The Boxer dog burrows deep into the fine sand – sending the sand flying all over the little girl!

It’s intense – like a sand storm – flying directly at the girl! The more the pooch digs the faster he goes!

The little girl has no option but to get out of the line of fire. Covered in sand she laughs and moves away!

Happy with the size of his hole, the silly dog lies in his comfy, sandy nest – seemingly unaware of the chaos he’s caused!

What a funny dog!

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