Dashing French Bulldog Puppy Wears A Red Bandana! Adorable Puppy Video!

Stinky Linky is here to show you what a dashing debonair he is!

See this French Bulldog puppy wearing a red bandana have the cutest conversation with his dad!

Stinky Linky is strutting his stuff on the couch while hanging out with his dad, Sean Sarantos.

Dashing French Bulldog Puppy Wears A Red Bandana

“Hey, I like your bandana,” Sean says as the little pup tries to bite his nose.

The pup then responds with a face that says, “Really? I picked it out myself!”

“You look super handsome,” Sean compliments Stinky Linky even more.

“I know! Thanks for noticing,” the pups action suggests.

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Dad then smirks, perhaps a reaction to the pup’s oozing confidence.

Stinky Linky notices dad’s face and play bites on his ear.

“Why? Don’t you agree?”

This Frenchie certainly has personality!

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