Clumsy Dog Knocks Over TV – Putting His Kid Brother in Trouble!


Looks like somebody is in deep trouble! Watch as one clumsy dog knocks over the TV!

One kid is sitting comfortable on the couch. The family dog, who looks like a Border Collie, is also in the room, watching TV. Suddenly, the pooch notices something very interesting in the TV so he walks towards it to investigate.

The Border Collie then stands up on his hind legs and nudges the flat screen TV with his nose. In just a split of a second, the TV goes wobbling until it ultimately falls on the floor. The dog then dashes off the scene!

Surprised, the young lad accidentally kicks the table in front of him – causing the laptop to drop on the carpet and get spilled with milk. He then calls dad for help and explain what happened.

Clumsy Dog Knocks Over TV

“The dog has knocked the TV over,” the boy tells dad.

Dad sounds like he isn’t buying it and asks his son how it happened.

“I don’t know,” the boy said. “He just jumped on it.”

Poor boy! We hope dad believes him.

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