Chinese Chongqing Dog

Chinese Chongqing Dog

Chinese Chongqing Dog At a Glance

Country of Origin:


Breed Group:

Not AKC recognized


Large.Weight: Male: 44-54; Female: 33-44 lbs. Height: Male: 16-19.5; Female: 14-16 inches.


Flat, dense, short, harsh and glossy.


Solid Brown

Life Span:

15 to 18 years

Breed Profile

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Did You Know?

The Chinese Chongqing Dog is relatively healthy breed because there has been no inbreeding.

Chinese Chongqing Dog Overview

This dog breed originated in the southwestern region of China 2000 years ago during the Han Dynasty. The Chinese Chongqing Dog is a unique and ancient breed that was primarily owned by the elite for protection and as a status symbol. This breed is a scent hound and an enthusiastic hunter of small game. The breed is extremely rare and difficult to obtain.


Chinese Chongqing Dog Characteristics

This is a medium-sized dog breed. The Chinese Chongqing Dogs are strong and squarely built. This breed is powerful, muscular, and alert. The breed has a distinguished and noble appearance.


Chinese Chongqing Dog Temperament

This dog breed is not recommended for inexperienced or timid owners. This dog is a natural guardian that is highly driven. This is a primitive and evolutionary breed that was not developed through selective breeding. The Chinese Chongqing Dog is devoted and affectionate. This dog breed gets along will with older children. They are not recommended for homes with other dogs and pets. This breed is aloof and wary of strangers and the dog will not hesitate to protect their family, property and territory.

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Chinese Chongqing Dog Care

This dog breed has a short coat and requires minimal brushing. An occasional bath with a mild shampoo is recommended. The Chinese Chongqing  is not well suited to cold climates. There are no known health issues associated with this dog breed, but this could be due to the rarity of the breed.


Chinese Chongqing Dog Coat

The coat of this dog breed is flat, dense, short, harsh and glossy.


Chinese Chongqing Dog Training

This dog breed requires a dominant and respectful owner. The Chinese Chongqing does not respond well to harsh, forceful or heavy-handed training methods. Early socialization and obedience is essential for this breed. Training should be done with respect, firmness, fairness and consistency.


Chinese Chongqing Dog Activity

American breeders of the Chinese Chongqing will typically not sell to prospective owners that reside in an apartment or condominium. This breed is not suited to city living. The Chinese Chongqing requires regular exercise and securely fenced yard is best. This dog breed should never be allowed to roam off-lead in an unsecured area.

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