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Adorable High-Roller Dog Has His Own Custom Beemer

Meet Luigi Maestro! The adorable high-roller dog from the Upper East Side in New York is oh so posh – he has his own custom Beemer! Luigi, a 5-year-old Shih Tzu was spotted cruising down a Fifth Avenue sidewalk on Sunday in his own motorized mini BMW. The …

Celebrity Dachshund Crusoe Goes Hunting In The Snow!

It’s wabbit season and a hunting dog has to do what a hunting dog’s got to do! Watch in delight as Celebrity Dachshund Crusoe goes hunting in the snow! Wearing his hunting gear and clutching his rifle, the adorable little wiener dog is ready for some rabbit hunting. …

Beagle Fights Rabbit Puppet And They Are The Cutest Ever!

  Beagles will be Beagles! They’re trained to hunt rabbits after all! In this video, watch Maymo the Beagle fight a rabbit puppet in the living room! Maymo is lounging on the couch when a furry fellow appears from behind the couch. It’s a rabbit and Maymo doesn’t …

Adorable Little Dachshunds Play Hockey Like Pros!

Watch these Dachshunds play hockey – wiener dog style! Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund and his brother, Oakley, are at it again – making us giggle with their incredible charm. Armed with their amazing agility and muscular built, these Dachshund dogs are having a really intense game. Their costumes …

Shiba Inu Decides To Turn Humane, Doesn’t Want To Be A Dog

One adorable Shiba Inu has decided to act like a human because he doesn’t want to be a dog. From being one of the oldest dog breeds to a modern day public figure, the Shiba Inu has really come a long way. Since a meme showing a Shiba Inu adorably decorated with random texts …


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