Celebrity Dachshund Crusoe Goes Hunting In The Snow!

It’s wabbit season and a hunting dog has to do what a hunting dog’s got to do!

Watch in delight as Celebrity Dachshund Crusoe goes hunting in the snow!

Wearing his hunting gear and clutching his rifle, the adorable little wiener dog is ready for some rabbit hunting.

Celebrity Dachshund Crusoe Goes Hunting In The Snow

The Dachshund romps in snow and finds a hole amidst the beautiful white snow mounds.

Being a spunky little pooch, Crusoe immediately springs into action!

With his signature Doxie romp, Crusoe runs toward the hole, sniffs, and digs away but it seems that the bunny wabbit is nowhere to be found.

The little dog then continues to look around, running and letting his nose lead the way.

Then poof! He finds something!

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After a few serious minutes of hunting, Crusoe finally finds his prey, but it’s no fluffy wabbit – it’s a snow ball!

Crusoe bites it and shakes it like any awesome hunting dog would.

Looks like Crusoe is very proud of his catch!

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