Can Dog Pee Kill Plants? What Makes Dog Urine Hurt Plants?

Can dog pee kill plants? Dogs often pee on the same spot every time. So if your dog pees on a plant, you may have noticed that the plant withers and dies.

It may be a bit hard to believe but dog pee can kill plants. A dog’s pee contains chemicals that can be harmful to plants. If you love your garden, this fact may be a bit upsetting. However, the good news is that you can take a few steps to secure your plants from dog’s killer pee.

 What’s In Dog Urine That Kills Plants

A dog’s urine is highly acidic and contains high doses of nitrogen.

While nitrogen is one of the primary nutrients included in fertilizers, it can be detrimental to plants in large doses. In small amounts, nitrogen can help increase a plant’s growth and speed up its maturity. With the help of nitrogen, plants are able to produce chlorophyll, which is important for photosynthesis. It is the same process that helps plants make their own food.

A dog’s single pee trip will normally not harm a plant. But since dogs frequently pee on the same spot, this may lead to a nitrogen overload for plants.

Dog’s Pee: Does Gender Make A Difference

The answer is yes. A female dog’s pee does more damage to plants than a male dog’s urine.

The reason behind this is male dogs spray their urine in different places while female dogs deposit their urine in just one spot. Thus, the female dogs’ urine results in more significant plant damage.

In fact, dogs can kill a tree if they pee on it repeatedly, as their urine will soak into the ground and damage the tree’s roots.

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 What Can You Do To Prevent Your Plants From Dying

If your dog peed on a plant, the best way to prevent the plant from dying is to spray it with water as soon as you spot the dog pee.

Training your dog to pee on one designated spot – away from flower beds, trees, and plants – is also a good idea.

By making sure that your dog is well-hydrated, you can help reduce the acid concentration in his or her urine. There are also some over-the-counter supplements that can help neutralize your dog’s urine acidity, thus reducing its toxicity to plants.

You may also opt to train your dog to pee in an indoor dog bathroom instead.

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