Dog Training: Building The Desire To Please Your Puppy

There is saying “dogs are kids with fur.” Building the desire to please in puppy and dog training is essential! You’re aiming to get your puppy or dog to WANT to please you!

Playing with puppy after dog training

The basics of dog training closely correlate with the owner’s ability to develop a desire to please in their dog or puppy.

Even though this behavior is considered part of the domestic canine’s characteristics, it can fail to develop if you do not have your dog’s respect and if you have not yet bonded with your dog.

Dogs Cannot Be Taught To Feel a Desire To Please

On an academic level, young dogs are not able to understand the reason why they have a willingness to please their owner. This makes it impossible for dogs to know how to please their owners without training because they are not capable of understanding what others need in order to be content. For instance, your dog would never have thought that fetching the mail could make you happy if you had not taught them this.

Building The Desire To Please In Puppy And Dog Training: It All Depends On Your Mind-Set

The truth is that dogs and puppies are motivated in training by their intuition.

If you are happy, positive and patient, your dog will appear to have a keenness to please you. But, it is your positive attitude that is motivating your dog’s conduct. Similarly, should you be negative during training, your dog’s instincts may cause him or her to resist, which may make it seem like they do not wish to please you.

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