Britain’s Oldest Dog Still Looks Like A Puppy At 26 Years-Old

This is Jack! This little pup may look like a puppy but he is 26 year-old and Britain’s oldest dog!

On December 16, Yorkshire Terrier Jack celebrated his 26th birthday. The sprightly senior dog still looks like a puppy!

The senior pup suffers from arthritis and can only walk short distances these days.

Jack was rescued by Ray and Mary Bunn 16 years ago when he was 10 years-old from a couple who were about to abandon him.




Ray says they had an “instant bond” with little Jack.

“My daughter’s next door neighbor spotted a couple who were going to tie him to a tree and leave him there. She took him, but their dog didn’t like him,” he said. “My daughter told me about it and asked me to go round and the first time I saw him, he came running over to me and jumped into my arms.”

Sometimes dogs choose they owners and it seems that that’s just what happened to the Bunns and Jack.

“I didn’t even hold my arms out – the bond was instant. He very quickly became a big part of the family, and now we’ve had him for 16 years,” Ray said.

Before Jack came into the Bunns’ lives, the pooch didn’t quite live the good life.

“Jack has always been a very friendly dog, but he hadn’t been looked after properly before he came to us,” Ray shares. “He had a brother, and we heard that he had been fed to a Rottweiler, so he was facing a horrible future before my daughter’s friend took him.”



According to the record books, the little Yorkie could be one of the oldest dogs ever to have lived. If Jack’s age can be proven by Guinness World Records, Jack would become the eighth oldest living dog ever.

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An Australian Cattle Dog named Bluey was oldest living dog. The dog reached 29 years and five months before being put to sleep in 1939.

“Someone the other day thought he was a puppy, but he has arthritis and can only walk so far,” Ray said. “He’s on tablets, but he’s all right, and eats and drinks fine. He’s having some problems with his back and his legs as he is getting older, but he’s fine.”

“He has always felt at home here. He’s generally a very happy dog and we all love him,” Ray adds.


Source: Express UK

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