Bringing Home A New Puppy: Tips

Bringing home a new puppy is the most exciting event in your life. Your role as a pet parent starts from the very day you bring home a furry friend. With adequate preparation and planning, you can make this day memorable and free from stress. Your friendly and compassionate behavior is the key to helping the puppy settle in a new environment without any problem.


Bringing home a new puppy also endows you with new responsibilities. You need to ride home with the puppy, take care of his unique needs, cater to his emotional aspirations, stock up supplies, chalk out an activity regimen, find out the perfect food for your pet, and be prepared to ensure proper health care. Do your homework before the arrival of your puppy. You have to do it right, so that your dog may feel as comfortable as possible from the very first moment he steps into your house.

Here are some essential tips to help you prepare to welcome your pet.

Things To Buy Before Bringing Home A New Puppy

There are certain things that you need to buy before your dog’s arrival. Get a soft and comfortable bed, a few chewable dog toys, food and water bowls, a collar, a leash, and a crate before bringing home a new puppy. You may also go for some fencing equipment if you do not want your pet to roam the entire house.

While buying a crate, you must pay attention to your puppy’s size. Make sure it has enough space for your growing puppy for the next few months. Avoid buying plastic bowls and go for metal ones. You may also buy commercial healthy dog food and treats specifically made for puppies and breed of dogs that your new pet belongs to.

The Car Ride Tips While Bringing Home A New Puppy

It would be great if you have someone who can drive you home. The puppy is just separated from his family and needs a soothing assurance from his new owner. Nothing could ensure more comfort for him than being on your lap. So, carry the puppy on your lap throughout the car travel. It is likely that the puppy is traveling in the car for the first time and this may frighten him or keep him uneasy.

5 Puppy Tricks Every Dog Should Know

This short ride when bringing home a new puppy holds immense significance in defining your relationship with your pet. Your puppy reels under the feeling of insecurity and needs someone to allay his fears. Keep him next to you, talk to him, comfort him, and make him feel secure so that he can have confidence in you. As your presence makes him feel secure and comfortable, he starts to trust you. This creates the basis for a strong bond between you and your pet.

Start Training From the Day of Arrival

You should start house training soon after bringing home a new puppy. The first and the most important is potty training. The puppy must know where he is allowed to eliminate as soon as he enters your house. Be persistent in your training process and establish clear house rules. Teach your dog to follow the dos and don’ts. Take him to every room of your house and do activities to make him understand the purpose of each of them.

Dogs, such as Dachshunds, are very clever. They have a tendency to force you to do what they want. Rottweilers prefer to take charge when owners are feeble. So, make sure your puppy accepts you as his leader and follows you.

Be constant in your use of words and instructions. Don’t change your mind too frequently or let your dog dominate you during the training. If you display weakness from the very beginning, it will be hard to make the dog accept that you are the leader in the house later on. He may show disobedience as he grows up. So, try to be steadfast from the day one.

When you start training your puppy, make sure you reward your dog for every time he shows positive behavior. It encourages him to display repeated good behavior and obedience.

This way, you can make the day of bringing home a new puppy one of the best experiences of your entire life.

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