Brave Mother Dog Saves Her Puppies Trapped Under A Flooded House In Israel

This heartbreaking footage shows the extent of a mother dog’s love for her puppies.

The brave mother dog can be seen risking her life to save her puppies who were trapped under a flooded house in Israel.

According to Let The Animals Live, a rescue and animal shelter, a Golani soldier witnessed the heart-wrenching scene and was the first to share the video on their Facebook page.

Brave Mother Dog Saves Her Puppies Trapped Under A Flooded House In Israel 1

In the video, two soldiers can be seen showing the distraught mother dog how to get access to her pups. After the rains there was a deep puddle flowing from the street underneath the floorboards of the house. The puppies are trapped beyond the puddle whimpering for their mom. The only way to reach her babies is to submerge herself in the mud, squeeze under the floor and swim to her crying puppies.

The heartbroken mom whimpers as she hears her puppies’ cries. She then dips her paws into the muddy water and tries to figure out how to get inside.

The mother dog sniffs the puddle and looks up at the humans for a moment, in a desperate plea to help her save her pups.

With no other help possible, she plunges into the mud and starts to crawl under the house.

After a few moments, the mother dog comes out with one brown-and-white puppy on her mouth before dashing off to check if he or she is okay.

While the video cuts out after this first run, it is believed that the mother dog saved 7 of her 12 pups. Sadly, the rest drowned in the flood.

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According to Let The Animals Live, animal rescuer Eyal went to the area and rescued the mother dog and the pups. They were taken to the animal shelter in Kfar Ruth, near Modi’in.

Well done brave momma dog! RIP little puppies who didn’t make it!

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