Boxerdoodle At a Glance

Country of Origin:

Germany or USA

Breed Group:


Small to Large. Weight: 12-70 lbs; Height: 10-25 inches


Short to Medium in length. Texture may be straight, wavy or curly.


White, Black, Fawn, Red; May be solid or of Varying Shades and Markings

Life Span:

10 to 14 years

Breed Profile

Affection Level
Barking Tendencies
Cat Friendly
Cold Weather Tolerance
Exercise Needs
General Health
Grooming Needs
Hot Weather Tolerance
Kid Friendly
Shedding Level
Social Needs
Watchdog Ability

Did You Know?

Boxerdoodles usually have very thick toenails.

Boxerdoodle Overview

This dog breed is a cross between a Boxer and a Poodle. The Boxerdoodle is often referred to as a designer dog. This breed has become a very popular companion dog.

Boxerdoodle Characteristics

This dog breed is well-built, strong and agile. The breed is small to medium in size, well-muscled, with a sweet nature.


Boxerdoodle Temperament

This dog breed makes an affectionate, loving and devoted pet. The dog has a playful, happy and cheerful nature. They get along well with older children, other dogs and cats, especially those they were raised with. The breed is active and boisterous, yet sensitive. This breed generally makes a good watchdog and will alert their family to guests and abnormal sounds.

Boxerdoodle Care

This dog breed requires regular brushing and professional clipping. To preserve the natural oils of the coat, the dog should only be bathed when absolutely necessary using a mild shampoo. This breed is prone to hip dysplasia, epilepsy, allergies, skin disorders and PRA.


Boxerdoodle Coat

The coat of the breed can be one of three types: very curly , long and wavy, or short and thick.

Tibetan Terrier


Boxerdoodle Training & Activity

Early socialization and obedience is recommended for this dog breed. They tend to be both sensitive and stubborn, but are highly intelligent. This breed does not respond well to harsh or heavy-handed training methods and training should be performed with firmness, fairness, patience and consistency.

This dog breed adapts well to apartment living, provided they are sufficiently exercised. The dog is a highly energetic breed and requires daily leashed walks and family play sessions.

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