Borzoi At a Glance

Country of Origin:


Breed Group:

AKC (Hound); ANKC (Hounds); CKC (Hounds); FCI (Sighthounds); KC (Hound); UKC (Sighthound & Pariah)


Medium to Large. Weight: Male: 75-105; Female: 60-85 lb Height: Male: 28; Female: 26 inches


Silky and moderate in length with a thick, plush under coat



Life Span:

10 to 13 years

Breed Profile

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Did You Know?

Borzois where once highly valued and revered by the nobility and aristocracy, but could not be purchased. The Borzoi was reserved exclusively as a gift presented by the Czar.

Borzoi Overview

This dog breed was originally named the Russian Wolfhound. The Borzoi is a cross between the Greyhound and another breed out of Russia. The breed is a sight hound with tremendous agility and speed. They were highly valued and revered by the nobility and aristocracy, but could not be purchased. The Borzoi was reserved exclusively as a gift presented by the Czar.


Borzoi Characteristics

This is a tall and aristocratic breed of dog that embodies elegance and grace. The breed exudes noble serenity, reticence and confidence. This breed makes a docile and devoted companion. The Borzoi displays exceptional talents in hunting, sighting and lure coursing. These dogs are fast and can run at speeds of up to 36 mph.


Borzoi Temperament

This dog breed is proud, sweet and alert. They are exceptionally loyal to their family and affectionate to people who are well known to them. They are aloof toward strangers. Generally, Borzois’ are quiet and well behaved. These dogs seldom bark and do not make good watchdogs. They are not suitable for homes with small children, cats or other small pets. This breed does get along well with-medium or large sized dogs, especially those they were raised with. They make excellent companions for older, considerate children. The Borzoi is very slow to mature and has a tendency to suffer from depression and separation anxiety, if left alone for extended periods. These are extremely sensitive, intelligent and independent dogs.

Boykin Spaniel


Borzoi Care

This dog breed requires regular brushing with a firm bristle-brush and can be dry-shampooed when necessary. It is important to keep the hair on the pads trimmed to prevent splaying. Borzois’ are generally a healthy breed, but are prone to progressive retinal atrophy. This breed also has an extremely low tolerance toanesthetic and a tendency to bloat.


Borzoi Coat

This dog breed has a unique and wonderfully patterned coat. It is silky and moderate in length with a thick, plush under coat. This dog has a profuse neck mane and longer, thicker  hair on the tail and back of the hind legs. The coat sheds dirt and is resistant to matting. The coat may be flat, wavy or curly. The breed comes in a variety of colors, including white, golden and tan or gray with black markings. The colors may be mixed or solid. The Borzoi is a heavy shedding breed.


Borzoi Training

This dog breed requires continual attention and restraint. This dog breed should receive basic obedience training and socialization from an early age. The dog requires calm, patient and consistent training with mutual respect. They are relatively easy to house train since they are naturally clean dogs.

Borzoi Activity

This dog breed requires an above average amount of exercise. The breed makes an excellent jogging and walking companion, provided they are very securely leashed. They are fairly inactive indoors, but tend to  become destructive if bored or left alone for extended periods of time. This dog adapts relatively well to apartment dwelling, but ideally needs a large, secure yard.

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