Black German Shepherds: Characteristic, Temperament, and More

Not many people know about black German Shepherds. Some of them even assume that black German Shepherds are a different breed and mistake them as Belgian Tervuren or German Shepherd mixes.

Black German Shepherds

Black German Shepherds are not a separate breed. They are recognized as a color variant of the usual German Shepherd. Their black coat is sometimes called solid black, lacquer black, black patent, all-black, pitch-black, or pure black.

Are black German Shepherds rare?

It is difficult to determine how many black German Shepherds exist all over the planet. However, black German Shepherds are relatively rarer than black and tan German Shepherds. They are also more common than white, liver, and blue German Shepherds. An estimate suggested that about 6 to 7% German Shepherds are pure black.

What are the similarities between black German Shepherds and those are black and tan?

The black and tan is the most popular German Shepherd color. This coloration is seen in show line German Shepherds. It is also the coat look of these dogs that most people are familiar with.

Like black and tan one, black German Shepherds have:

  • fluffy tails
  • double coat
  • large and muscular bodies
  • straight ears

But they also differ in the following ways.

  • Black German Shepherds have a solid black coat
  • They can be larger
  • They also have straighter backs
  • The appearance of black German Shepherds is similar to the traditional look of the breed.

The length of a German Shepherd’s coat varies according to his line. This means that Black German Shepherds can have short or long hair. However, the hairs around the bottom of their necks (mane) are often longer than the standard German Shepherd. Black GSDs also have “skirts” and “feathering” fur at the back portion of their thighs.

How are black German Shepherds produced?

There are two ways to produce a litter of black German Shepherd puppies. The first one is both parents have to be solid black GSDs. Another way is to breed two German Shepherds who carry double-recessive black genes. In the second option, any or both parents may have different colors.

Are black German Shepherd puppies really born black?

Yes, black German Shepherd puppies are born black. However, many black and tan, sable, and bicolor German Shepherds may also be born black or dark. For this reason, it is the best to wait until the puppy is about 2 months-old to determine his true coat color.

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Are black German Shepherds aggressive?

A few years ago, the term “Black Dog Syndrome” was coined to describe a phenomenon – black dogs are aggressive. As a result, these dogs are overlooked and passed over for adoption in favor of lighter colored dogs. Oddly, some people relate black coat to aggression but that doesn’t make any sense.

Like like other German Shepherds or other dogs, black GSDs – are not typically aggressive. They have a pleasant temperament especially when they are socialized at the right age. However, it may take time for these dogs to trust strangers.

In general, black German Shepherd dogs are very loyal dogs. They can get pretty wary and suspicious of strangers, especially around his family and their property. Proper training and socialization are needed to keep black German Shepherd dogs – or even any other dog – calm and well-balanced especially in situations involving people and pets of different ages. You can either look for professionals to help you train your pet to be a guard dog or train him yourself.

Are black German Shepherds prone to any disease?

Regardless of the coat color, German Shepherds are prone to a number of genetic diseases including:

  • hip dysplasia
  • elbow dysplasia
  • degenerative myelopathy
  • exocrine pancreatic insufficiency
  • megaesophagus

Because German Shepherds are a working breed, it was also found that they are more likely to catch Canine Parvovirus. They also show more severe symptoms of ehrlichiosis.

How much do Black German Shepherds cost?

The cost of black German Shepherds depends on your area and the breeder you intend to buy your puppy from. A standard German Shepherds cost from $500 to $1500 while the price of black GSDs can range from $1000 to $4000.

You may also check with your local rescue groups to see if they have any black German Shepherds in their shelters.

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