Big Man Has Adorable Play Session With Tiny Puppy! Cute Puppy Video!

Awww! Isn’t it wonderful to see big men playing with small puppies?

This man is huge, but he doesn’t mind getting down to pup-size at all. In fact, he’s enjoying his play session – face down on the floor – with the tiny puppy!


Age is just a number especially when you’re around puppies! Their charm and cuteness are simply irresistible!

As the man gets down on his belly, the pint-sized pup prances around – unleashing a series of wiggles, puppy kisses, and ear and nose bites for his giant playmate!

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The man cannot help but reveal his young side — smiling and giggling at the Shih Tzu pup’s display of heartwarming and fuzzy affection.

Aren’t puppies the best antidepressants?

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