Beagle Fights Rabbit Puppet And They Are The Cutest Ever!


Beagles will be Beagles! They’re trained to hunt rabbits after all!

In this video, watch Maymo the Beagle fight a rabbit puppet in the living room!

Maymo is lounging on the couch when a furry fellow appears from behind the couch.

It’s a rabbit and Maymo doesn’t like rabbits!

Beagle Fights Rabbit Puppet And They Are The Cutest Ever

With high-energy can-can music playing in the background, watch this Beagle chase and bite the carrot-loving creature!

Minutes of chasing pass and the Beagle is still struggling to capture the bunny wabbit so Maymo’s sister, Penny, decides to help out!

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See the Beagles team up to capture their prey. Their teamwork proves to be the answer and they eventually catch the elusive creature!

Maymo then hands the rabbit puppet over to his sister to play with.

As his reward, this famous pooch is given a piece of crunchy carrot! Yum!

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