Attack Dog Training Tips and Tricks

 Turning Your Pet into an Effective Attack Dog


A lot of people not only rely on their dogs for comfort, love, and companionship, but they also look to them for protection. Attack dog training is an excellent way to teach your dog to defend you against potential attackers. It is not meant for the faint-hearted or those who get scared or injured easily. You will be providing your dog with hands-on training, and for the most part, a living person will be the object of training. Before you begin, it is highly recommended that you purchase a bite suit; do not attempt any training without some sort of padding or protection as this can cause serious injury!

Attack Dog Training: The Basics

Like any type of training that you do for your dog, expect the process to take time. It does not happen overnight and may take a substantial amount of time, but we promise it will be worth it in the end. Sleeping comfortably at night without the fear of an intruder attacking you will be well worth the hours you log into teaching your pet to attack potential threats.

Before you begin, make sure your dog has mastered basic commands, including to sit and stay. You do not want to begin an advanced type of training, such as attack dog training, when your dog does not understand basic commands.

Getting Started

When you are participating in attack dog training, use a training collar on your dog. Only use this collar during exercises, as this will teach your furry friend that when the collar goes, training begins. These collars also make it easier to restrain your dog or get his or her attention. Next, have the assistant dress in a bite suit.

Top 5 Dog Training Supplies You Need To Have

1. Teach your dog commands for attack and stop by using the code words of your choice. Repeat the code word for attack every time you begin the exercises. This way your dog knows when it is appropriate to attack. The same applies to the conclusion of each exercise; once you get your dog to release your assistant or pull him or her off, use the code word “stop” to end the training.

2. Have your assistant put on the bite suit, pick up an object and taunt your dog with it. Encourage your dog to mouth the object and the person’s arm. The goal is to teach your dog to attack the weapons and arms of the intruder.

3. Provoke your dog but keep him or her on the leash for the first few sessions. Encourage your dog to mouth the object and the person’s arm and over time, this will turn into biting. Once your dog has been provoked, let go off the leash and allow him or her to chase the assistant. Make sure the assistant taunts the dog with the object and their arms.

4. Once your dog has graduated into the biting phase, allow the assistant to give into the dog’s bite. This will teach the dog to hold onto the intruder.

5. Reward your dog after each training session with lots of praise and treats.

Sleeping Peacefully at Night

Once your pet has successfully completed the attack dog training exercises, you will be able to enjoy the comfort and peace of mind that comes with having a guardian. Remember to train your dog daily and consistently and never train without some form of padding or a bite suit.

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