Amazing Border Collie Is A Soccer Star! See High-Flying Head-Butting Dog’s Awesome Skill In Beach Games!

Some dogs are just so smart and talented – just like Scotch!

This amazing Border Collie is a true soccer star. Watch him fly high as he head butts a soccer ball up in the air during a game with his owners at the beach!



The pooch is just too awesome for words. We’re pretty sure that this dog plays soccer better than most of us!

The 3-year-old Border Collie from Brazil is so skilled and well-trained that he can more than hold his own with the humans! See it for yourself in the clips below!

Como é bomlevantaruma bola com meus camaradas! ⚽️😎💥

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JogandoumaaltanaJoatinga, uma das minhaspraiasfavoritas! 🎥 Ricardo Bahia

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Just like many Border Collies, the awesome Scotch loves flying high in the air – fetching and booping things with his big, adorable, wet nose!

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