All You Need to Know About Dehydrated Dog Food

A Little Bit About Dehydrated Dog Food

You have heard about dog food that has been dehydrated, and you may be asking yourself what does that mean and is it good for my dog? This type of food has become incredibly popular over the past few years with several brands, such as Stella and Chewy, plastering their name all over forums and blogs dedicated to dehydrated pet food.

So, what is it exactly? It is regular dog food that has had the moisture removed from raw ingredients. This process ensures that your pet’s food will be free from artificial preservatives while still receiving a substantial amount of nutrition. The food is also designed to last longer on the shelf than traditional kibble. Water or acceptable gravy may be added to the food upon serving.

Will My Dog Actually Eat it

A lot of people are skeptical about purchasing dehydrated dog food, especially when they peep inside the package. Although patties or chunks may not look appetizing, many companies boast that picky eaters will love the food easily and enjoy it. This is due to the fact that the product has no artificial flavors or preservatives and contains more meat product than the traditional kibble. Dogs are naturally drawn to the flavors.

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Dehydrated dog food is good for picky eaters, those with sensitive teeth, and digestive issues. It is high in protein so dogs that struggle to keep weight will benefit greatly from this type of food. Owners that want to feed their dog a more natural food free from artificial preservatives and chemicals will also rejoice.

Keep in mind that water, gravy, or juice may be added to the food to make it softer, but typically patties or chunks are soft enough to be eaten by older dogs with no problems. Meat products are also easier to digest, and artificial flavors and preservatives can hurt or upset your dog’s stomach, so consider a dehydrated food if your dog has stomach or intestinal issues.

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What are Some of the Cons of Dehydrated Pet Food

Although the benefits far outweigh the cons, there are some things that you should take into consideration before purchasing. Keep in mind that not all dogs will enjoy the taste of dehydrated pet food, so purchase a smaller bag or ask for a sample from a representative to try at home.

Also, they are higher in meat product than traditional kibble, so switching your dog over immediately may cause an upset stomach. Instead, introduce the food slowly, mixing it in part with his or her normal kibble.

Dehydrated foods can also be more expensive to purchase than bagged kibble or even wet food, so if the cost is an issue, this may not be the best option for you.


Before purchasing any new dog product or food, you should always consult your vet and do as much research as possible. Knowing what brands are best and if this is the right choice for you will require a little research on your part.

You should try to slowly introduce the food if you decide to go with a dehydrated dog food so that it does not upset your dog’s stomach.

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