Adorable Puppy With No Paws Learns To Run!

This is Nimble. This adorable Chihuahua puppy with no paws has learned to run!

Nimble lost all her paws when she was only 10 days-old.

Christine Broyles, the pup’s owner, said the veterinarians are unsure of the what caused her medical condition.

Adorable Puppy With No Paws Learns To Run

But there is hope for this fun-loving and resilient pup. The Chihuahua has undergone seven corrective surgeries. She is now able to run on plush surfaces.

“She’s super outgoing, really friendly, and probably the most loving animal,” the pup’s owner said.

The Chihuahua has made friends with a Dachshund, a Boxer, and some cats too!

Have fun and run as fast as you can, Nimble!

Happy Tails!

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