Adorable Puppies Learning How To Climb The Stairs! Super Cute Puppy Video!

This video of adorable puppies learning how to climb the stairs is one of the cutest things you will see all day!

These young Jack Russell TerrierPoodle mix puppies have taken their first steps and it’s time for them to take on the next challenge – to climb up the stairs!

Adorable Puppies Learning How To Climb The Stairs

The puppies’ stair-climbing adventure is so cute and funny that their owners recorded it all.

These are super smart puppies and they have a plan – a whole lot of fallback plans.

Here’s how the pups take on the stairs:

  • Analyze the step,
  • Attack the step,
  • Attack the owner,
  • Attempt a few climbs,
  • Seek help from other dogs,
  • Attempt more climbs – for hours on end,
  • Take a nap,
  • Ask the human’s for help.

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After plenty of cries, displays of puppy dog eyes, and puppy push-ups, one pup finally climbs up a step!

Hooray! It’s time to celebrate!

Suddenly, the pup realizes that his amazing accomplishment isn’t that great after all – he’s stuck.

In attempt to get back to his siblings, he courageously hops down and falls.

Poor pup!

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