Adorable Little Dog Bear Has Everybody Confused!

This fluffy little dog bear has everybody confused! Is this cute fluffball a dog or a bear?

We’re just as confused as the person who posted this photo on Reddit.

Dog Bear


TheRedFoxx posted this photo on Reddit last week, with the caption, “Somebody brought this bear into doggie day care.”

The pup, whose name is Bounce, looks so much like a baby bear that everybody went nuts trying to figure out what kind of ‘animal’ or dog he is.

User mamitapreciosa commented, “That’s a mixed Pomeranian isn’t it?”

PTCruisin said, “Yup, a Pomeranian and Teddy Ruxpin.”

Another commenter said his dog, who is also a Pomeranian mix, looks much like Bounce.

User OneEyeball said, “I have a pomeranian terrier mix and he looks like bear as well :)” He even posted of photo of his beloved pup in the thread.

Hmm. What do you think? Is Bounce a dog or a bear?

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