Adorable Dog Greets The Ice Cream Man To Get An Ice Cream!

Dogs definitely know those who spoils them and this video will surely have you smile!

Watch as this dog greets the ice cream man to get an ice cream.

This cute Staffordshire Bull Terrier is happy.

One of his neighborhood best friends has arrived and he can’t wait to greet him.


He’s waiting for dad’s permission but the excitement in his eyes and the wag of his tail tells how much he wants to go.

As soon as dad gives him the signal, the happy Staffie runs towards the parked ice cream truck.

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He then sits down by the counter and waits his turn to get his ice cream cone.

After the girls in the queue get theirs, the ice cream man hands the pup his ice cream. The delighted pup takes the ice cream in his mouth and the creamy goodness disappears into his tummy in a flash. Yum!

How cute!

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