A Short Guide to Dog Rehoming

Thinking of dog rehoming? Do you love dogs? Well, owning a dog is a big responsibility. Sometimes, people cannot keep their dog for reasons galore. The reason could be a new addition to the family who is allergic to the dog. Or there is a newborn child who the dog may accidentally hurt. Or perhaps the owner is moving somewhere that does not allow pets. Regardless of the reason, there are a few guidelines you can follow that will ensure that your dog goes to a wonderful new home and will also make the process of rehoming your friend a little easier for both of you.

Guidelines for Dog Rehoming

You love your pooch but are somehow not able to keep him with you. It is heart-wrenching to part with your pet, but when circumstances change, you can’t help it.

So you want to make sure you hand over your pooch to someone who would love and care for him as much as you do.

Do not give your dog to just about anyone. You want to make sure your dog goes to the best possible home, where he gets abundant love and care.

You should not let your companion go to just about any person who expresses interest in owning him.

Interview every potential buyer. Make sure they understand your dog’s needs and that they have an environment in which the dog can thrive. For example, you do not want to give your Mastiff dog to someone who lives in a tiny one bedroom apartment who works full days and has limited time to take the dog out.

If possible, give your dog to a friend, family member, or someone who lives close by. This will make parting with your pooch easier, because you know you can visit him whenever you wish to.

Dog Rehoming: Places to Start With

  1. The Internet: Facebook, Greensheet, blogs, and forums are a great place to list your pet. Greensheet and Facebook are probably the best of the rest, since both have the potential to span great distances. You can use the Facebook platform to post an update about your furry friend that you are looking for a new owner for your pooch. Your friends will get your status update in their feed and can then share the post with their friends, getting your message a lot of attention without any extra cost to you. Greensheet costs money to advertise, but their ads are available both online and in many grocery stores. The Greensheet ads are seen by people who are legitimately interested in finding something.
  2. A shelter: This might seem like the last place you want to visit, but many shelters allow you to post photos with information about your pet at their business. This means whenever customers walk in, they can see your advertisement. Never leave your pet at the shelter if it can be avoided! Many shelters have a high pet death rate, as they do not offer the best care for your dog. Additionally, life at such place is incredibly stressful for your pet.
  3. Your local pet stores: Like pet shelter homes, these places often allow you to post a photo with a short bio about your dog on one of their bulletin boards. These boards are seen by pet lovers who are looking for a pet, so you can rest assured that your dog will go to a good home.
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Tips on Dog Rehoming

When it comes to dog rehoming, you should try to spend a good amount of time with him before parting ways. Also, it is a good idea to encourage the potential new owner of your pet to frequently come over and play with your dog. This will give you an idea as to how they interact with your pooch and look after him. Additionally, it will help your dog become accustomed to his new owner in the safety and comfort of his domain. Such frequent meetings are essential to help your dog adjust to the new environment, since he or she is already acquainted with the person taking the dog.

It’s a good idea to choose a dog lover who has similar tastes and interests as you, so that it does not take your pet long to adjust to his new home. If you have an active dog that wants lots of exercise, make sure the person who is taking the responsibility of dog rehoming has enough time for exercise. If your dog needs lots of attention, make sure the potential buyer is ready and willing to provide adequate one-and-one time for the dog.

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