A Brief Guide to Temporary Fencing for Dogs

Opening the backdoor and sending your pet outside for a short duration for potty and to play some fun dog games may seem like a great idea. But it can be a hassle if you do not have the right type of dog fencing or enclosure. Your dog may wander around the neighborhood, get into plants, dig holes, or get into things outside in your yard. Keeping your dog on a leash in your own backyard is not always a viable solution and implementing a fence can be a costly eyesore. Also, a permanent fence does not protect your garden or any other areas in your yard that you do not want your dog getting to.

However, there is temporary fencing for dogs that can solve all of your problems. This fencing is easily removed, stored, and will keep your pet exactly where you want him or her. The fencing is also available in a wide variety of colors ranging from plain silver to pink, blue, red, and black, among colors.

How Does the Dog Fencing Work?

Temporary fencing for dogs offers you a circular, square, or rectangular enclosure that can be moved and stored. It features several thick wire panels that are connected together with two end pieces that remain separate. These end pieces are typically latched together by hand to offer you an easy door to open and close for your dog. They can also be moved around the yard, keeping your dog away from plants or materials. The fencing also folds down for easy storage and does not weigh a lot, so moving it is easy. The fencing also comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from extra small to extra large, which can keep even large breeds confined.

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You can also attach the fencing to your current chain link fence or wooden fence with latches to create a larger space for your pet to roam. The fence can also be left outside, but we recommend bringing it inside during rain or snow storms as this can cause the material to rust. The fencing can also be attached to other temporary fences that you purchase to create an even larger play space.

Is Dog Fencing Durable?

Temporary fencing is incredibly durable as long as you buy the appropriate size. Your dog will be unable to chew through it, jump over it, or knock it over as long as you set it up appropriately. Of course, a large dog like the Rottweiler can easily jump over the size that is designed for a small breed, so keep that in mind when purchasing.

Where Can I Purchase the Dog Fencing?

Almost every pet supplies stores will carry temporary fencing. You can also purchase the product online from various websites or even visit local Wal-Mart. Checking the newspaper and sites like Greensheet may also yield results, though you may want to check the condition of the fence before you agree to purchase it.

Regardless of the reason for your purchase, temporary fencing for dogs can be a lifesaver. It allows you to avoid the high costs of installing a fence and gives you the freedom to allow your pet to play around a controlled area without the risk of getting into something potentially harmful.

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