7 Useful Tips to Reduce Dog Separation Anxiety

You love your pooch, and your furry baby adores you. This is one reason he always wants to be by your side 24/7. This might be a good thing from a certain point of view, but when you think that sometimes you have to do certain things or be in various places without being able to take your beloved companion with you, it’s not such a good thing. For example, the majority of us need to go to work every day and we can’t just show up in the office with our dog. Even if it sounds good, it’s not really a good idea to bring your dog to the workplace. This is one of the most important facts that can lead to dog separation anxiety.

What Can We Do About Dog Separation Anxiety

There are different dog separation anxiety solutions out there that might come in handy if you are dealing with this stressful situation. Here are top 7 solutions that may bring you maximum benefit:

  1. Don’t say goodbye!

If you have an anxious dog, it is not a good idea to bid goodbye when you leave. This might just trigger his anxiety. By doing so, you’re not helping him at all. If you are already accustomed to saying goodbye, you can do it way before you leave.

  1. Lots of dog toys

Make sure you provide your dog with his favorite toys before you leave. If you don’t do this, he might treat all your household devices and surrounding items as toys and chew them up if he feels bored.

  1. Intense activities
Obesity In Dogs

It is a good idea to make sure your dog expends a notable amount of energy before he is left alone when you plan to go out. A long walk followed by a catch game should do the trick in this case.

  1. Get a dog sitter

Dog separation anxiety can be drastically reduced if you can afford a dog sitter. This can also be a great option when you have a very busy schedule.

  1. Don’t make a big deal

When you have to leave your dog alone or when you return from work, you should try to sound as normal as possible. This is the simplest way to tell your dog that spending some time apart is a usual thing that he just has to deal with.

  1. Training

Training a puppy is very important if you want to have an obedient dog when he grows up. But what can you do if your furry friend is not a puppy anymore? While basic dog training is important when your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, you should get help from a professional. There are many dog training schools out there, and you should not have any problems finding one close enough to where you live.

  1. Get another dog

Even though this decision can’t be made lightly, this might be the easiest solution when you are dealing with dog separation anxiety. There are many things to consider before you adopt or buy a second dog, but this thing can bring only joy and pleasure in your life.

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