7 Signs A Dog Is Going To Bite

Unwanted dog greetings can result in people getting bitten. Know the signs a dog is going to bite!

Signs A Dog Is Going To Bite

As a dog lover, your automatic reaction when you see a dog is an outpouring of love and affection. Unfortunately, this does not mean that all dogs will love you back.

According to a 1998 American Medical Association report, dog biting is the fifth most common cause of emergency visits to hospitals.

While dogs are generally loving and social creatures, they sometimes get offended like people. Unfamiliar environment, people, and conditions are some reasons why dogs bite – it is how their defense mechanism works.

Avoid getting bitten! Be familiar with the signs a dog is going to bite!


Yawning does not always mean a dog is tired or sleepy.  Sometimes a dog yawns because he is anxious and he wants you to leave him alone.

2. High Tail, Stiff Body

Dog owners may think an alert dog in this position is cute, but it really means “Back Off.”

3. Half-Moon Eye and Panting With A Closed Mouth

When a dog pants with his mouth open, it means he is regulating his body temperature. But when a dog pants with his mouth closed, paired with a half-moon eye, it means the dog is uncomfortable.

4. Tail Tucked In and Slowly Wagging

When a dog’s tail is tucked in, even if wagging slowly, it means he is a worried dog. A worried dog may bite you, so it is important that you do not provoke him!

5. Tongue Flick

When a dog flicks his tongue, it means they are suspicious and unsure so “better go away!”

Learning The Basics of Dog Psychology

6. Looking and Turning Away

When a dog turns his head, it means he recognizes the current situation as a conflict and he is avoiding it.  A dog who does this is most likely nervous, so it’s better to leave the pooch alone.

7. Freeze and Stare

This is the most dangerous/obvious sign that a dog is going to bite. It means the dog is focusing and watching you closely. It’s like saying, “One wrong move, and I will attack!”

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