7 Possible Reasons Why Dogs Bark

Do you ever wonder why dogs bark? All dog bark except for Basenji dogs; they yodel instead of bark. Barking is dogs’ way of communicating to their fellow dogs and just about everyone around them.

There are different reasons why dogs bark. So if your dog barks incessantly, finding the reason why he does it is the first step to know how to stop him.

#1 Dogs bark because they are protecting their home or territory

Your dog may start barking when he senses someone – a human, a dog, or even an inanimate object – approaching your property that he considers his territory. Your dog’s barking becomes faster and louder as the intruder gets closer. Dogs that make territorial barks look upright, alert, and aggressive.

#2 Dogs bark when they are scared

When dogs are scared, they tend to become anxious, defensive, and even aggressive. Dogs bark when they hear an unfamiliar noise or a sound they associate with danger, not just in their home but wherever they go. Dogs bark to alert their family about the impending danger.

Barking is also a dog’s way of telling strangers to back off. Sometimes, they bark to warn intruders that they may attack.

#3 Boredom can cause excessive barking in dogs

Dogs are social beings and most of them love to live in the company of humans. A lot of them suffer from separation anxiety whenever kept separated. When your dog is left alone for long periods of time, he becomes very fed up and sad. He may bark incessantly to get the attention he wants.

Many dogs bark when they are bored. Barking ensures they get attention and stay mentally stimulated. Dogs have too much energy accumulated when they don’t have adequate physical and psychological stimulation. They bark a lot to burn all that energy.

#4 Dogs bark to get what they want

Dogs convey a lot when they bark and sometimes they make a series of yaps to tell you what they want. Your dog may bark to get your attention. For example, a dog who wants to go outside would bark at his owner and run toward the door. A thirsty dog would bark at his owner and look to a bottle of water. If your dog wants treats, he may bark and look at the direction where you have kept the treat.

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#5 Separation Anxiety makes dogs bark a lot

Excessive barking is a sign of separation anxiety in dogs. Dogs with this condition feel lonely, anxious, and scared when their owners are away. For this reason, they bark a lot hoping that their owners would hear them and come back. The more anxious they are, the more they bark.

Barking dogs can be annoying for neighbors. Many dog owners receive complaints from neighbors telling about the excessive barking. This is a behavioral issue and it is necessary to help your dog feel better to lessen his barking.

#6 Dogs bark when they are excited

Sometimes, dogs bark when they are overly-excited. This happens when the dog is highly anticipating anything rewarding, such as walks, playtime, toys, treats, and food. An excited dog would often bark while jumping and waiting for the owner.

#7 Dogs bark just to hear their own voice

Also known as compulsive barking, dogs sometimes bark just to hear their own voice. This kind of barking is often accompanied by pacing and circling around.

How to stop excessive barking in dogs

A barking dog can be a nuisance especially if he does it excessively. The noise can be irritating for your household members, neighbors, community, and even you. Training your dog to bark less needs time, patience, practice, and consistency. Here are some tips to lessen the noise barking dogs make.

  • Teach your dog the “quiet” command.
  • Do not shout. Remain calm when telling your dog to stop barking.
  • Determine the cause of your dog’s excessive barking and address it.
  • Give your dog adequate physical and mental exercise.
  • Seek the help of professional dog trainers.

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