7 Heart Melting Signs Your Dog Loves You

What are the signs your dog loves you?

Dogs don’t express love and affection in exactly the same way humans do, but there is no questioning the fact that your dog loves you!

You love your dog and you think your dog loves you back. But how do you know for sure?

Here are 7 heart melting signs your dog loves you!

1.  Your dog expresses his love for you when he stares at you

7 Heart Melting Signs Your Dog Loves You 1

They say the eyes are the window to the soul and this applies to dogs too! If your dog gazes at you for periods of time, you can take this as a sign of his love and devotion to you.

Dogs do their hugging with their eyes.

Research published in Science Magazine revealed that staring into your dog’s eyes raises the levels of oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, in both owner and dog.

When you stare back at your dog, he sees this as confirmation of your affection for him and feels really good about things.


2. A good old doggie yawn is a sign your dog loves you

If your dog yawns when he’s around you it typically means he’s relaxed in your company. This is a good sign that your dog trusts and loves you.

If your pooch yawns when you’re tired and yawning, your dog is actually expressing empathyfor your tired state. Empathy is a higher form of love


3. A tail wagging to the right is a sure sign your dog loves you

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If your dog wags his tail to the right when he sees you it means he’s happy about your presence.

Not all tail wags are happy wags. Dogs wag their tails for different reasons. Research shows that a tail wagging toward the right generally means the dog is excited or happy, while movement to the left is a sign of trepidation or anger.


4. Your dog’s head resting on you is a sign of affection

7 Heart Melting Signs Your Dog Loves You 2

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Another sign your dog loves you is when he rests his head on you

Generally, dogs rest on their owners as a sign of affection. It’s their way of cuddling. They yearn for it and enjoy the closeness.

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But dogs can also rest their heads on their owners when they are feeling anxious and are in need of your attention and security. It’s as if your dog asking if everything will be alright. It’s also a sign your dog loves you because they’re looking to you to protect and reassure them. You are your dogs “go to” person when things get tough which is a sure sign of your dog’s love.


5.  Your dog loves you if he likes to sleep in your room


If your dog prefers to sleep in your bedroom or your bed – if you allow it – you can take it as a sign of your dog’s love for you.

According to Gregory Berns, the author of How Dogs Love Us, your dog’s desire to sleep beside you shows his loyalty because he doesn’t want to be separated from you.


6. Bringing you his favorite toy shows your dog loves you

When your dog offers you his favorite toy, it doesn’t always mean thathe wants to play. It can also be a sign that your dog sees you as his pack leader and wants to please you by offering his most-beloved possession.


8. A rejoicing wagging butt when you arrive home is the ultimate proof your dog loves you.

There’s nothing better than coming home to an excited wagging butt!

If your dog is always excited to see you when you arrive home this is the proof that your dog truly loves you! When your pup can’t contain his happiness and jumps around like a crazy person, known that this is proof of his love in its purest form.

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