6 Puppy Mills Facts That Every Dog Lover Should Know

What is actually a puppy mill? It’s hard to give just one answer, that’s why I choose to discuss with you today about these puppy mills facts that every dog lover should know.

And if you had no reaction towards them by now, you should read this carefully and understand that this is not a joke, but the cruel reality that many dogs have to live because of humans.


  1. The first fact you need to know about puppy mills is that a puppy mill is a source of making money for a lot of people today, but the shame is that they only think about their money and they don’t care at all about the poor puppies that have to endure so much sufferance just to make them rich.
  2. As we talk about different puppy mills facts I simply can’t avoid telling you that the puppies there are kept in small wire cages where they can’t play because they don’t have enough room to, they do not socialize with other dogs because their entire life they are kept prisoners in that cage. Many of them don’t have the chance to touch the ground not even once during a lifetime. Can you imagine this?

    Puppy mills facts

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  3. In these puppy mills, dogs are not treated if they have different injuries. And believe me, they get hurt quite often as they try to escape and they fight with their handlers every time they are touched, because they don’t receive any affection, and they don’t know how to offer their affection as a normal dog.
  4. In many states puppy mills are legal. If there aren’t any complains about the “business” they can continue treating dogs as they want to, thinking only about their money profit. Still, there is something you can do against them. Listen to me carefully and show that you care for the lives of those aggrieved puppies. Check twice where from you buy your puppy. Never encourage these mills by offering them your money. Tell your friends about this fact and make them aware of the cruelty applied to dogs in these puppy mills. If they can’t sell their puppies, they will bankrupt. Do you want to be part of this?

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  5. One of the puppy mills facts that worries me a lot is that it seems that dogs don’t have heat during the winter and many dogs freeze to death. They don’t have air conditioning for hot summers either and because there are so many cages full of dogs in just one room, dogs die because of the heat. It’s terrifying.
  6. Many families who buy puppies from the puppy mills are very sorry later. It often happens that their dog suffers of a very cruel disease that he contacted in the puppy mill. Their owners will have to spend a lot of money with their treatments, but sometimes the most expensive treatments can’t cure them, and many of them die young.

    puppy jail

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Are you going to do something against this cruelty from puppy mills? Every action that you can do matters. You can stop the sufferance of those innocent dogs. Just think that your beloved dog could have been one of them. What would you do?

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