6 Puppy Facts That You Must Be Aware Of

Bringing home a puppy and treating it like one’s own family is the best thing a person can do to fill his social and mental needs. There is no greater company for a man than his dog, an old saying goes. However in the early stages of the puppy, the owner is not aware of its characteristics and can get alarmed or worried at a natural process. To clear off all ambiguity and to nurture puppies in a better way, it is important to understand certain facts about puppies so that the owner can bring up the puppies in a more efficient way.

did you knowPuppies are deaf and blind when they are born – A puppy cannot hear or see anything as soon as it is born. As an owner, it is important to understand this basic concept first. Out of anxiety, it is quite natural for the owners to call out names and expect the puppy to understand. Some even get frustrated if the new born puppy does not respond to their instructions.

Sleep is essential – A puppy grows while it is sleeping.  Puppies need around 14-16 hours of sleep a day and it requires immense patience while dealing with these at this stage. If the sleeping pattern of the puppies is interrupted, then it results in incomplete development or disabilities as the puppy grows up. It is vital to give the puppy its space while sleeping for long durations.

Chewing while Teething – This is another fact about the puppies that the owners should consider. As the puppy starts developing teeth, it has a tendency to chew whatever it gets hold of. At this stage, the owner should not leave any important stuff lying around on the floor as the puppy might just chew it off. Different teething toys can be given to the puppy to help the chewing process.

Puppy Training Tips To Relieve Separation Anxiety

Chasing their tails – If the owner finds his puppy chasing its own tail, then he should understand that he puppy is feeling deserted and is in need of attention. Puppies are generally very social animals and right from the time of their birth they are quite attached to their mother and their siblings in the litter. However, as owners buy single puppies, they are naturally separated from their litter. This increases the loneliness of the puppies and they start to chase their own tails when they feeling alone.

Good training – Puppies should be trained properly right from their young age so that they know how to behave with neighbors and strangers. Aggressive puppies can create a lot of disturbance in the social circle if not trained properly.  Dogs that are very aggressive are usually the ones that are not trained well as a puppy.

Proper food – Puppies should be given small amounts of food regularly for five times a day. The owner should not stuff too much food at one time or should not under-feed the puppy. Foods like uncooked meat and vegetables form the ideal diet for the puppy as the puppies get a lot of health benefits through this.

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