50 Male Dog Names And Their Meanings

What is the first thing you want to find about a person when you first meet him or her? Generally we refer to the name. No matter what kind of application you need to fill, first of all you have to write down your name. When you introduce yourself to someone, first of all you tell him your name. Between the first expressions one learns when starting to learn a foreign language is: “What’s your name?”

The name is very important. And as it is important for us, you must know that it is also important for your dog. That’s why I decided to talk today about my favorite male dog names. There is a saying that claims the fact that the name you are wearing has to say something about the person who carries it. It can be true, and if it is, it means that it is extremely important what male dog names we choose for our male dogs.

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There are all kind of lists with the most popular male dog names, the most suited male dog names for every breed and others like these. I will give you a list with my favorite dog names and their meanings. Before deciding upon a dog name, you must know it’s meaning, because your dog will be an important being in your family and you don’t want his name to sound strange or to have who knows what meaning. That’s why study my male dog names list and then tell me if your dog has one of these names or if you want to name a dog using one of the names below. I’m very curious if someone likes the dog names I like.

  1. Abe: father of nations
  2. Ajax is the name of a great Greek king and it means of the earth
  3. Alex: defender of humans
  4. Alpha: the first and the strongest
  5. Apollo: the destroyer
  6. Bailey: trusted guardian of other’s property
  7. Banjo: a musical instrument from Africa
  8. Captain is a great name for a dog with authority
  9. Casey: vigilant in war
  10. Champion: defeater of all opponents
  11. Chance: luck, opportunity, fortune
  12. Charlie: free man
  13. Dante: everlasting
  14. Dasher: to move around quickly
  15. Dexter: skilful
  16. Eddie: wealthy guardian
  17. Fabian: prosperous farmer
  18. Fergus: men of strength
  19. Fido: faithful and loyal
  20. Garret: brave
  21. George: the farmer
  22. Gillian: joy
  23. Handy: useful
  24. Harry: leader of an army
  25. Ike: he will laugh
  26. Jasper: spotted one
  27. Kato: good judgement
  28. Keenan: little ancient one
  29. Lancelot: land
  30. Leo: lion
  31. Magnum: great, big
  32. Marco: warlike
  33. Marshall: horse keeper
  34. Nemo: nobody
  35. Odo: wealth
  36. Oliver: elf army
  37. Pal: friend
  38. Parker: park keeper
  39. Quest: journey, voyage
  40. Randal: wolf’s shield
  41. Samson: like the sun
  42. Scar: a mark left by a healed wound
  43. Tate: cheerful
  44. Telly: best
  45. Ulrich: ruler of all
  46. Vaughn: little
  47. Walt: ruler
  48. Xavier: the new house
  49. Yardley: enclosed grassland
  50. Zane: beloved
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Is your dog’s name on this list? If not please let me know what’s his name. You can write it down in the comment section below.

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