5 Puppy Tricks Every Dog Should Know

I bet you want to have the coolest dog in your area! Who wouldn’t? You can find below some advices that will help you to make your dog special, great and skilled. Teach him these puppy tricks and you will be proud of him.

1. Most of the dogs like to lick. When he does so, let’s teach him to kiss. Each time your dog starts licking your face say “Give me a kiss” and when he does so, don’t forget to mention that he is a good dog and show him that you are satisfied with what he did. At the beginning you might have to put on your cheek something you know that your dog might like to eat. Later, whenever he licks, say “Give me a kiss” and “Give me a kiss again”.

2. Let’s also teach your dog how to go to bring you things. For the beginning take a stick and make your dog recognize it. Than throw the stick down and ask for it. You might have to ask it several times at the beginning, until the dog gets used to the command. When he takes the stick and give it to you reward him and encourage. Than throw the stick further and further and keep asking your dog to bring it back. You are going to have a lot of fun!

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Photo by: Regan Walsh

3. Let’s see how to teach a dog to high five. First of all, make your dog hand shaking. When he already does that, move your hand higher and keep saying “high five”. If your dog hits your hand with the paw, reward him immediately. This will encourage him to keep doing what he learned and to like working with you. Raise your hand higher and higher, and make your dog jump in order to high five you. This is one of the funniest puppy tricks you can teach him, and it’s not hard at all.

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4. Can you teach your dog to speak? Of course you can! Dogs already speak on their own language by barking, but let’s teach them something more. Let’s teach him to bark when he wants a certain thing. Immediately when he starts barking at something, you must say “Speak!” and continue like that. He will learn and understand the word “Speak” and he will obey your future commands whenever you will ask him to speak.

5. Would you like your dog to bag before you give him something? Here a one of the puppy tricks to teach you how to do that. Having a dog to bag is a little bit difficult, but with perseverance you will manage. Take your dog’s favorite thing and keep it above his had. Ask him to say please. The first thing your dog will do is to raise in two feet and take that thing. Don’t forget to ask the dog “Say please!”

On the process of teaching your puppy tricks, there is one thing you should always keep in mind. The reward your dog gets after doing right what you asked is extremely important.

I know that puppy tricks are a challenge for you and for your puppy too. But nothing compares with the proud of showing off what your dog knows.

Does your dog know any of the tricks listed above? Let me know in the comment section below.


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