5 Benefits Of Adopting a Mixed Breed Dog

If you’re planning to get a dog as an additional member of the family, you might want to consider adopting a mixed breed dog.

Mixed breed dogs, a.k.a mutts, are awesome! In fact, there’s a holiday dedicated to them. Every July 31, the United States celebrates National Mutt Day.
Adopting a Mixed Breed Dog

Photo: Pig the Unusual Dog/Facebook

Recently dog events started inviting mixed breeds to participate in sporting activities that only allowed purebreds in the past.

There are many advantages to adopting a mixed-breed dog. We’ve listed 5 benefits of adopting a mixed breed dog!


1. Mixed breed dogs live longer

A WebMD report states, “On average, mixed-breed dogs live 14 years while purebreds make it to 10 years.”

This is because purebreds sometimes pass along genetic problems. Compared to purebred dogs, mixed breed dogs have a more diverse gene pool that can minimize the health issues common in purebreds.

As a general rule, smaller dogs live longer than larger dogs, so from a longevity point of view a mixed-breed small dog is probably the way to go.


2. Mixed breed dogs can save you money

Since mixed breed dogs are generally healthier, there’s a good chance you’ll spend less on veterinary visits.

It’s also far less expensive to adopt a mutt from your local shelter than to buy a purebred dog from a breeder.

On a humanitarian note, you can be certain that you aren’t contributing to the puppy mill problem.


3. A mixed breed dog could get you more attention

People are always curious about the breed of your dog. A unique-looking mixed-breed dog is sure to attract attention!

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Dog lovers are very fond of guessing a dog’s breed. While you may not exactly know what kind of mix your dog is, you and your dog will surely find new friends and fans!

There are a number of famous mixed-breeds out there. Pig’s an extreme example with an enormous fan-base.


4. You’ll be in a class of your own in dog competitions

If you choose to have your dog compete in agility, dock diving, musical canine freestyle, obedience, rally and more, you may be in a class of your own.

The American Kennel Club Agility Invitationals have a special class for mixed-breed dogs. The purebred dogs are divided into dog breed and height divisions.

This means that your Border Collie mix, for example, could receive an invitation to the All American Dog-  as the AKC calls mutts—class, rather than the highly competitive Border Collie class.


5. When you adopt a mixed breed dog, you save a life

There are millions of dogs in shelters and pounds and 75% percent of those dogs are mutts. There is no shortage of mixed breed dogs in any shelter.

Mixed breed dogs often gets passed over, because many prefer the purebreds. By adopting a mixed breed dog you’re helping to solve the national overcrowded shelter problem.

Of course, you must always consider your lifestyle when choosing a dog. If you live in an apartment, think twice beforeadoptingalarge, active dog.But no matter lifestyle, there is always a mixed breed dog with the perfect temperament for your home.

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