11 Dog Behavior Problems That You Need To Be Aware Of


Many dog owners are familiar with the most common dog behavior problems, and in most cases, behavior problems are simple communication problems that can be easily solved by showing some amount of patience. The first step to solving and preventing the most common dog behavior problems is to understand them thoroughly.

Dog Behavior Problems

Aggression – It is an important fact to know that any dog has the potential to become aggressive, regardless of breed. Aggression can be the result of a  health problem; therefore, it is important to consult with your vet first.

Barking – To some degree, barking is considered a normal activity, but excessive barking is a behavior problem. With dedication and attention, you can help your pet get rid of such behavioral problem.

Begging – Begging is an addictive habit that most dog owners encourage. Why do dogs beg? Well, because they love to eat. However, overeating is a bad habit that can lead to obesity and digestive problems. You should always give your dogs quality dog food. It is important to ensure that your furry friend does not get to eat table scrap, because human food is not meant for dogs and it might not be good for their health.

Biting – Dogs bite for many reasons, and biting is an instinct that they develop since they are puppies; therefore, as a puppy owner, we should always train our puppy that biting is not acceptable.

Chasing – A dog will always like to chase moving things because of his hunting instinct. He will chase cars, other animals, and even joggers. As funny as it might sound, this is a very serious situation that could lead to dangerous outcomes. Like many other dog behavior problems, chasing can be prevented with proper training and a bit of patience.

Chewing – Puppies are much more predisposed to chewing because it can be really painful when their teeth grow, just like newborns. Chewing isn’t always a bad thing. For instance, sometimes chewing can help your dog keep his teeth clean. You are the only one that can make your dog know the difference between good chewing and bad chewing.

Digging – You shouldn’t be surprised if your dog loves digging. Some breeds were developed by professionals during many years of hard work, especially for this purpose. This shouldn’t discourage you because this bad habit can be kept under control with a bit of training.

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Eating Stool – I know! It’s disgusting! But as repulsive as it may sound to us, many dogs do this. Younger dogs are more prone to eating their own feces. If you have an older dog that eats his stool, you should consider visiting a vet as soon as possible because it might be an important health problem.

Fighting – In the canine society, dominance is the number one important thing. Dogs are very territorial and are always ready to fight for their territory, regardless their age, breed, or size. A dog that is well trained will always be able to keep under control his fighting instinct.

Leash Pulling – Many dog breeds were originally bred to pull, but some dogs simply don’t know when to stop. Sometimes dogs pull so hard on a leash that they can’t even breathe properly anymore. If you are devoted and patient, you can teach your dog how to get rid of this habit or you can always find a good dog training school to get the job done for you.

Marking Territory – Marking the territory is a natural habit for any type of dog but some dogs take this too serious and have the tendency to mark the most inappropriate territories however there is no dog that can’t be trained to mark his territory only in appropriate places.

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