10 Things You Do That Annoy Dogs

Your pooch wants to be your best friend. But there are times you end up irritating him. Do you realize the times your behavior annoys your furry friend? You would surely want to keep from such actions that are annoying to dogs, right? Let’s see what type of behavior irks dogs.

You actions may annoy dogs

Here are a few common breaches of canine custom that you would want to avoid.

Things you do that annoy dogs #1: You do the talking

Humans love to talk. In doing so, you tend to forget that your furry pal is not a vocal communicator. Of course, he does understand simple commands that he has got used to hearing from you, such as walk, sit, stop, treat, stay, but he does not identify with verbal language beyond these few words. However, he has evolved as an expert body language reader and can read your actions. So instead of talking the walk, let your actions speak.

Things you do that annoy dogs #2: Forced socialization

Some dogs are not too keen to socialize.  This means if you force him to befriend other pets, you might end up annoying your dog. But he does have his favorite people with whom he likes to hang out with. If you fail to read your four-legged buddy’s mind and push him too far, you are likely to annoy the heck out of him. Make sure his favorite people spend some good amount of time with him, instead of you choosing a friend for him. As a pet parent, you should not allow strangers to pet your four-legged buddy, because this behavior annoys dogs often, especially when they want to be left alone with you.

Things you do that annoy dogs #3: Bathing

Bathing is one activity that most dog breeds detest. Taking a bath is one of the most uncomfortable experiences for some dog breeds. The sound of splashing water spraying on his face can be an irritating experience for most dogs. However, you should try to ease them into bathing, so they are able to tolerate a bath.  Treats and rewards may come in handy here.

Things you do that annoy dogs #4: Staring

The last thing you want to do before your furry friend is to stare at him. Ask people not to look into his eyes for more than a couple of seconds, as he might interpret it as a challenge. One of the common ways to annoy your dog is to stare into his eyes, especially when he seems aggressive, worried, or edgy!

Things you do that annoy dogs #5: Isolation

Dogs hate being left alone. They feel bored and anxious in an isolated state.  Some breeds may even suffer from separation anxiety. When you leave them alone, this is one action that annoys your dog. This means he must be kept busy when you are not available or have to go out for work. Explore the ways your pooch can be kept entertained during such times, so that he does not feel isolated. Bring him toys he loves to play with and spend time.

Things you do that annoy dogs #6: Hugging

You love to wrap your arms around your pooch, but you might be surprised to learn that most dogs hate hugs. They may misinterpret the act of hugging as your way to exert dominance. If you’re unsure whether your hugs are a way to annoy dog, you may want to pay attention to his body language when you try to cuddle him. When your puppy wets himself if you try to lean over them, it is a signal that they are scared of you.

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Things you do that annoy dogs #7: Sneezing out loud

You may be surprised to find that sneezing irritates most dogs. They interpret a human sneeze sounds as a snort from another dog, which is more often viewed by pets as a sign of threat nearby.  The next time you sneeze, do not forget to pet your furry buddy to reassure that there is no threat. The idea is to calm him down and make him habitual of such human sounds.

Things you do that annoy dogs #8: Patting his head

Among actions that annoy your dog could be your habit of patting on their heads. Now you might be wondering what’s wrong with that. Well, many dogs are not too fond of being tapped on their heads. In fact, this is one habit that annoys dogs. As a responsible pet parent, you should always pet the dog’s back and not his head or face. Never allow strangers to do the same.

Things you do that annoy dogs #9: Hurrying up for potty

One of the most common behaviors annoying dogs is to hurry them up for potty. You do not have to nag your furry friend to go potty!  It all comes down to being patient with him during potty time. Allow him time to explore with his nose so that he finds that perfect spot to eliminate. When he is done, he should feel relaxed.

Things you do that annoy dogs #10: Yelling

If you ask someone how to annoy a dog, you will get the same response everywhere – yell at him. Last but not the least, yelling at a dog is not the best attitude to get your four-legged friend do what you want.  If you yell at him often, he might start to fear you and in the process do everything he can to avoid you. As your pet’s pack leader, learn to stay calm yet assertive. Your furry friend loves you and won’t hesitate to obey. Yelling is the last thing you should be doing to keep your dog relaxed and calm.

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